Friday, December 17, 2010

Social Stuff Experiment


I have planned to start of with a new experiment.What if one takes a small break from the social networks and emails.That doesnt mean that he wont check important updates or mails.The idea behind this is to automate the mailing and social networking stuff to an extent that the headings for selective updates and only mail headers(subjects) will be delivered to you.

Upon receiving one can choose to reply immediatey or may choose to reply later once he gets back home.There are two benifits of this.

  1. Time is saved since logging to social network/email and checking for updates is done on a realtime basis.
  2. Since only selective mails and updates will be coming so its actually a great way to avoid junk messages and trash post when you are busy and can spare little time for these.
Saving of  Internet Resource and Electricity is a minor benifit that can also be added.

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