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The Death of the Blue Planet we Know as Earth

Last week I had published an article regarding the UFO sighitings in Kolkata.While that was more like a statistical report sort of thing with a few overview thrown in,this one gives you more to think and speculate.Lets take a little bit different part of the History this time with a different prespective.

The Gaia Theory-a brief Introduction

The Gaia hypothesis was formulated by the environmentalist James Lovelock and co-developed by the microbiologist Lynn Margulis in the 1970s.This is still considered as a hypothesis since the theory had not been proved scientifically.

Gaia is a Greek Goddess symbolizing earth.She was also considered as prime titan.I dont want to dig deep in mythology but if you want to know you can check it out here.Modern day scientists and believers simply call Gaia,"The spirit of the earth".

The supporting facts

The Gaia theory posits that the Earth is a self-regulating complex system involving the biosphere, the atmosphere, the oceans and soil, tightly coupled as an evolving system. The theory sustains that this system as a whole, called Gaia, seeks a physical and chemical environment optimal for contemporary life.

Gaia evolves through a cybernetic feedback system operated unconsciously by the biota, leading to broad stabilization of the conditions of habitability in a full homeostasis. Many processes in the Earth's surface essential for the conditions of life depend on the interaction of living forms, especially microorganisms, with inorganic elements . These processes establish a global control system that regulates Earth's surface temperature, atmosphere composition and ocean salinity.

The existence of a planetary homeostasis influenced by living forms had been observed previously in the field of Biogeochemistry, and it is being investigated also in other fields like Earth system science. The originality of the Gaia theory relies on the assessment that such homeostatic balance is actively pursued with the goal of keeping the optimal conditions for life, even when terrestrial or external events menace them.


Here are some Highlights of the Theory

  • Regulation of oxygen in the atmosphere 
  • Regulation of the global surface temperature 
  • Regulation of the salinity in the oceans 
  • Processing of CO2

 To sumarize the entire theory.Gaia is the Mother Nature who forms the ecosystem along with all of us.Humans,Animals,Plants and even the non Living things also.Thats pretty much seems like crap doesnt it.But even if the story is crap,the idea is not.To me Gaia is like the mother of all the ideas to save our ecosystem..Our planet is dying.With water levels rising and other natural disasters being more frequent,life is not as simple and easy as it used to be.

Stats are Booring

As you can see the relevant pictures shown here are courtesy of CRED(Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters).The best part is that they have only mapped till 1900.So does it means they dont have the data for it or it was not that frequent before.Well if the second one is true..we sure are in deep waters.

You might even add the tsunami effect in Japan to this list. 

So what changed during these 100 years

  •  World War I.Needs no introduction.Death Toll:15,000,000--65,000,000   
  • World War II.Death Toll:40,000,000--72,000,000.

 Note:These are figures reflected in Govt Reports.As alwasy the numbers really vary

Nice figures.Surely does lift my spirits.

 The Damage to the Eco System

 Not only the loss of human life makes me sad but also the enormous pollution generated simply during these two wars and afterwards due to the industrialization has left our planet bleeding.Even a naive person who doesnt knows about Envronment surely does knows about Global Warming,Hole in Ozone Layer,Polar Ice melting and lots and lots of things like this cover our newspapers.

The damage that is being caused by us cant never be repaired.But surely we can prevent further damage to our planet,our beloved Blue Home.

Human Being are too Busy to Live

We humans are really too busy to live our life.We are busy earning a living and survivinng this life hoping for a better one.Our regular day starts by attending to our work and for 5 days the routene is same.Going and coming and eating and sleeping.The much awaited weekends are normally spent with our dear ones and relaxing.Then once again 5 days work waiting for a break.

Step aside for a moment from the daily work flow ask yourself the question.This question is to those future Dads and Moms who are about to bring a new life to this world.

"What are you doing to make the world a better place for your children?"

Surely you will say that I am securing the future with money and a roof to live under.Money for better education and better living.Money to make a better living.I cant deny the fact that money is important.But can the money buy a cleaner and better future for you where Water we drink is fresh and free of chemicals and air we breathe is not polluted.Even can we assure our children that the food we eat is free of harmful chemicals and has not been genetically altered.Oils will be over by 2050.Eventually water might dry up or may flood us..Drinking water may be the most valueable comodity..even might go higher than platinum..Or maybe it will be the dry patch of land the most sought after.

Perhaps someday we will become somewhat like most of the sci fi movies showAlmost all the movies show us a very painful future.So isnt there a movie that shows happy future?Sorry I dont remember a movie that reflects one.2012 was a box office hit because we could blame the destruction upon mother nature and fought back to survive.It is as if human being showing a middle finger towards mother nature and challenging her.."Throw us whatever you got..we will survive it".

The Human Extinction

An Omar From Deus Ex Invisible Wars
It is inevitable.Some day some how human civilization has to end.It is the law of nature but perhaps something better will evolve out of it.Perhaps we will find a better home or perhaps we simply will learn to live on this planet by changing ourself.

"After the Great Collapse only the mighty survived. Two centuries of war saw the rise and fall of many empires. It was the age of heroes. The battle fired crucible all subsequent history. In the end the Earth was no longer green. Nothing survived on its surface other than a few embers of human kind. But from this crucible emerged a masterworks of evolution. They were fit not just for the new Earth, but for the most barren corners of Creation. The glory of humanity would hence forward stretch on through time and space to the vanishing point of Eternity."

                                            Deus Ex Invisible Wars

Well perhaps it will be different that I thought but no matter what.Earth will change and we will change with it.All our efforts should be focusing on how to delay that day and even how to preserve what will be left for humanity.

So what's this all about
  Gaia is that unified spirit of mankind and everything good this planet has.Its a collective life.A symbiosis exists among us and the nature which we are trying knowingly or unknowingly to shatter.
Realize how important and vital this planet is for us.Though I cant tell you the path to travel in order to live but surely I can give you the idea..The idea alone shall prevail and help us to take the human civilization to the next level.Even a small action is like dropping a pebbel into the ocean which might eventually rise into a big wave...You get the Idea.Hoping for a greener and better future,I end this article


This article was infuenced by a dream.A dream about Fallout 3.Its a computer game set in year 2276 after manking has been devastated by Nuclear Holocast and are barely living from a scratch.The journey through the wastelands shows how human being has mutated and went from bad condition to worse.But hope remains while even a single individual believes that we can return..........

Signing Off
Santanu Ghosal

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