Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today when surfing i came upon a very sad yet very good song from a bengali movie.Its about love.I dont know after listening to it i felt very sad.The song sang by Shrabonti Ali and Arnob casts a whole new dimension of thoughts.Thoughts about many feelings.Most notably is that the Movie is from Bangladesh.

I feel very strange kinship with Bangladesh.Regardless of the religion they are Bengali.Their music and culture still reflects what we Indians(Bengalis) have almost forgot.What it is like being a bengali.I feel very sad when i see our generation forgot almost every aspect of our freedom movement.The music the literatrue the food.There is so much and all common to us all.I can name a few people who had shed their blood to get us the precious freedom.Men who created and shaped the literature and our culture.People like Raja Ram Mohan Roy who stopped the sati pratha otherwise we might be still burning Widows.Peopele like Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar who showed us the importance of Education among wemen.People like Master da Surya Sen who successfully liberated Chattagram for few days.Kaji Nazrul Islam needs no introduction.His writings still has the power to boil your blood.

Many of us has forgot them or perhaps remember them just as a shade.We have every means of enjoyment and luxury as to any western country,thanks to the Govt Of India for that but what about people from the past .They could also sit back and enjoy their life and let the freedom movement pass away.Well then perhaps we would have seen a different present than that of now.Just for 5 minutes..give it a thought and just for 1 more minute please spend the time remembering them and pay your homage to them..Not by donating cash or doing some activity.Just by remembering them as they were.This wikipedia link will be a good start to fuel the imagination.

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