Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moon Struck

I am writing this blog sitting on my terrace in a full moon light.Today fortunately or unfortunately the power was not there when i came back home.Quickly i setteled down in darkness and opened the bedroom.To my surprise the room was glowing heavenly with a dim silvery glow.I looked at the sky only to find the moon in her full glory.

Immediately i made a cup of coffee and rushed back to the terrace to enjoy.Suddenly looking at the moon i realized how farther and drifted i was from nature.While emptying my coffee cup i began to wonder all the description of the moon written by various people and frankly although i couldnt remember the scientific facts,i was just transformed into another being wandering into another planet.

Well perhaps if my friendly neighbour wouldnt have been practicing with his musical(ahem) voice i would have believed that this is a different planet all together.

Huge grills of Iron bars stop me from reaching to the sky and yet at the same time is providing me with a shelter.In the illuminated sky there is one big silver light along with twinkles all over the sky.The void sky sometimes are very scary to look at,makes you feel that you are all alone in this universe.So you can expect my relief today when i saw the sky.
The moon asks me lots of questions,some i know and some i dont?She makes me wonder the very fabric of reality.Nowa days we have become so busy in our day to day life that we have forgotten to look at the nature around us.We human beings have started living in  a social jungle and we communicate mainly and mostly through artificial means.Letters being one of the prime means of contact for a long generation has almost diappeared.Facebook and Orkut(email also seems to have been outdated).

I once had a friend with whom i used to exchange the letters.The letters used to be received at my senior's end coz i didnt hava a proper  postal adress.I used to wait eagerly for those letters to arrive.Perhaps the content was not of such interest to me than the news of arrival.The joy of reading it and equally when writing.The joy was more to me perhaps because  previously I was more deep into computers and less attached to writing a letter that too in bengali.My school friends bear witness to the horrors I had unleashed back in class V or VI.Even my bengali teacher had asked me to write but after some practice in bengali.The point is i found a new way of expressing myself rather than only the computer.

Imagine reciving a letter from a very old friend whom you have not seen in ages or a father/mother with whom you have not spoken for some time or perhaps from your love who has written the letter with all the emotion they can master and uttermost care and passion...Wait I had almost forgotten that we live in an era of Digital Supremacy where the most CONVENIENT way is to use the cell phone or just post a message in facebook.I dont hate digital media but i simply cant part with some of the old fashions of expressing myself.Well dats for me.

 As the light comes back and i slowly move into the crimson lights of electricity away from the moonlight my moon crazyness slowly wears off and i start to call and check my facebook account..a fade memory of my thoughts linger in the darkest corner of my mind waiting to resurface on perhaps another full moon.

Signing Off
Santanu Ghosal

p.s: Let me know if this cartoon blogging is good or uncool?

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