Thursday, December 9, 2010

Boring Days

The days in Noida has been increasingly boring.

There is almost nothing to do out here.The city is damn costly.Even a standard haircut is around 100.After listening to that i was initially planning to grow beards and long hair.The best and the worst part of this time is the winter.The temperature drops around 7-8c in night and early morning.The best part is going under the blanket every night and the worst part is waking up at 6:30AM and take a hike of 1 KM in the foggy weather to go to the nearest bus stop.

But I am enjoying the place where i live.Its very peaceful and also sometimes feels like i am i a camp in a remote location.The sunrise is a very pelasant sight to see if one can wake up by that time.Like in a camp I always have to ration the food and cigrettes as the nearest shop is 1 KM away.At night the gates are closed and its darkness beyond the Society boundary.

I have staretd cooking and i am thankful to god that it is working out.I can successfully cook for 2 persons.Day 1 i had prepared Khichri and Day 2 Rice and Dal and Aalu chokha..Next I am planning to include Papad and french fries also.

But amongst all this.I miss kolkata and my close ones.Seems like it has been deacades i have been out of my home.I literally have to struggle to get hold of my mind in those tough situations.Well after a long time I am out of Kolkata(actually I wanted to go out of kolkata).I never imagined that I do really miss Kolkata.It seemed that even after 2 years of staying also wasnt enough to live kolkata.Oh the Ajanta Movie Hall.I and some of my friends(Sumon and Occationally Rajat used to go there).
The  addas we used to have.The rice and dal of Home,My room with my favourite pilow,My PC(With 1 GB Graphics Card and a 21 inch Monitor) which was virtually redesigned from Wipro Salary.My Samsung L700(Stolen),Occational visits to KFC(Esplanade) with a mysterious lady.................Well the list will continue and i wont be naming all of them(I dont want to bore you)..............I will be posting some pics taken with my New 5MP camera..

Signing Off

Santanu Ghosal

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