Friday, December 31, 2010

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As the 2010 comes to an end and myself settled far from my beloved city,I find myself in a cruel dilemma.Do I continue to pursue my career outside my hometown and be a person who lives outside my hometown forever or do i continue my fight to be back in the arms of my beloved city of joy.

Although practically speaking during my stay in Kolkata,it was not very promising from the careerist point of view but it was social.I did enjoyed staying over there.Once I had attended a group discussion where the question was posted that do you prioritize your career which means leaving and living outside Kolkata or do you prioritize the social which means living in Kolkata and compromise with the career.Though I have seen some people fortunate enough to live and pursue a dream career in kolkata but their numbers are few and cant be accounted as an example.That my friends is a question which every one of us has to answer sooner or later.

At present I came up with a new plan to spearhead my blogging and my knowledge along with bothering you also with my mails and postings.Each week I will come up with  a new Idea and post/share the info about that.

For this week my plan is to cover bengali history.Not the one which you have been reading.I will be pulling out info since 1000BCE(Not BC.BC or Before Christ is being replaced by BCE or Before Common Era which roughly gives the same dates).Yeah we are here for a very long time.

The name originated from a Dravidian speaking tribe called Bang(Afterall we call ourself bong for a reason).Very little is known about them but from the accounts of Greek traveller Megasthenes(in his work Indica) was of a city named Gangaridai or Gangaridae .The rulers of the city were so powerful that they had forced Aliexender the Great to withdrew from India anticipating the valiant joint counter attack of the mighty Gangaridai and Prasii (Nanda) Empires, the later located in central Bihar.

The first Independent King of Bengal(as recorded) was Shashanka. in early 7th Century.Followed by Pal and Sen dynasty the rule of bengal was taken by Bakhtiyar Khilji from Laksman Sen during 1204 CE.and so on finally by East India Company in 1757(Battle of Palassey).

Rest more or less we all know about the history.This was just a brief trailor for my next post where i am planning to elaborate the history.Possibly the next post will be on Gangaridai

Kindly Note:As an attempt to circulate and revalidate my writings i would request the readers to forward the coming articles to people they know and encourage others to contribute any sort of info possible.

In short:Dadara ar Didira, jodi amar post gulo pore bhalo lage tahole doya koria mail gulo nijeder chena jana lokeder forward korun.

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Santanu Ghosal

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  1. Dada, I read your recent blog. I beg to differ. Calcutta might have been my home, once. I agree on your point that it did offer me a better social life. But after the sad demise of my best friend last year (the only reason why I still had attachment to Calcutta), now I am left stranded with no reasons left to go back. To be very honest with you, I have only bitter memories of struggle, sorrow, heartbreak and similar remembrances when I think of Calcutta...the very reason I call Bangalore my spiritual home. Every success story, although accompanied with a few stumbling blocks, has spring from the City of Opportunity. The people, I dare call them my own, created a feeling of bonding, a distant friendship. God, I could go on forever. But destiny keeps me taking diversions to something else whenever I fall in love with a place. Regardless, I still wish to see Bangalore more than I wish to see Calcutta (now that I think of it) during my temporary visits to India to visit my family and friends.


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