Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mobile Snatchers

The day began as a normal morning. Waking up at 6:45AM and getting ready. A long walk to bus stop and then waiting for the bus .Today to my surprise was going to be one of the most memorable day of my entire life.

As I was standing in the stoppage along with my colleague Prosenjit, there came along two men in a bike who pretended to be selling mobiles (Stolen of course). I was about to say no and suddenly a call came to my cell. It was like a flash that the person sitting at the back of the bike snatched my beloved Wizard’s crystal (Nokia X6) and was planning to ride along. I held on to my mobile which was clutched in his hands. Then there came another two people in a bike and a threatening voice. I thought I was about to say goodbye to my precious mobile. But to my surprise the men broke off and left me bruised and the collar button of my shirt broken. And last but not the least the mobile was at my possession.

Now from what happened I gained a few valuable perspectives about surviving in Noida:

  • Stay away or at least maintain 2ft distance from Bike or cars whose engines are running or are parked at the edge of dark roads. Even in the morning, its better to be careful. 
  • The lesson that out parents used to teach us, “Never Speak to Strangers” will be modified as be wary of strangers. 
  • Cell phones should be kept safe and used in a minimized fashion in Roads, especially in early morning and after the evening. 
  • Always prefer to carry a less costly phone, less money and lesser valuables while travelling on foot or get an auto. 
  I am planning to change my residence as it is a bit outskirts.

Today’s incident showed exactly how dangerous the world can be and how my luck is running. First my purse, next my Mobile in Bangalore and now another attempt in Noida. Well I need to be more careful as the stars are in a wrong alignment…….Nah…Just my fate is playing on me and checking how I fare.

Oh and one last suggestion from my practical experience: Never get involved in a fight of argument in a foreign land/State where you might land up in trouble. Better avoid it at all. Today’s example strengthened my belief in this. But also don’t stand and witness violence or injustice, protest in whatever manner possible while protecting you. The words might seem that of a selfish man but in this world if you live long enough then only you can help others. First one has to make him strong and then look to help others.




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