Friday, November 5, 2010

New Lands

Leaving my Shack

The journey began once I had completed the necessary preparations and then had set of for the capital of India. The day was little bit busy as I had to complete lot of small paperwork laid by my recruiters. Then finally the moment came. We boarded yet another mechanical beast called Auto. There while unloading from the auto, something happened that I couldn’t think of or even dreamed of. One of the 5 most important things in my life suddenly was lost. A precious lifeline to my family, friends and love. I lost my mobile. Immediately when I realized this I called back but the phone was switched off. I rushed to the stand but the driver was gone. Finally unable to risk my travel, I had to move on. Luckily for me, I had another backup ready and presently am surviving with that. So if you want to contact me call me on 09874961601.

The flight was good. Kingfisher provided snacks and there were also movies to watch. I rate them 4.5 out of 5.The first view I caught of Delhi was Yamuna River. It was shinning like silver. It was full moon and truly it was the most beautiful and heavenly show that caught my eye. The night was short and brief.

Day 1

Next morning after having our heavy breakfast which includes 2 Aalu Paratha,2 Bread Omelette and 4 butter toast we started off for our new destination. The office although doesn’t looks very impressive from the outside but the inside is very well maintained. We have office cabs to drop us to the guest house and take us back in the morning.

Overall Noida is very chilly place and on top of it this particular sector 42 seems to be like a fortress outside which there is no population for miles. The best thing about staying in the guest house is the high speed internet they are providing.

But soon I have to leave this safe haven and find out a new home for myself. I am planning to search for my new shack just after the Diwali.

Note: I am trying to forget about my old mobile so a humble request. Please dont ask questions like Where How and When? These will surely make me upset.

Happy Diwali.

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