Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End of the Journey

At last it has come to this end. The end of an adventure and the beginning of another. I stripped the room of whatever I had that called this a home and packed it in the bag called luggage. I am ready for another journey to yet another wasteland and try to arrange and fix a homely figure called Shack or rented house.

Sometime I feel too stretched feeling that I am so far away from my hometown and a shadow lurking behind called career. God only knows how far I will be dragged for my fortune AKA career. I shiver in cold, cough so much that sometime I feel it is the end for me but then once again hope awakens in the name of love. Love of family, love for friends and love of my special one that keeps me alive.

Soon the so called shack will be my home once again and perhaps once again I will strip her off the richness of home and set off to another adventure.

God only knows when my forsaken adventure will truly come to an end and I will live among my own.

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  1. When I left Calcutta after my engineering, I had a similar feeling, to be honest. But if you believe in God, as I always say "God has His ways to put things right". Suck it up and drive on, brother. The journey has just began. What these three years of work related relocation have taught me is to never be absolutely sure of where I will end up. Have a look at this song video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhRTPCMr0GM
    I will always keep wondering on where the powerful destiny will take me. But One thing we need to remember is to dwell in the present and savor the goods rather think about the uncertainties that lie forth.


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