Friday, November 19, 2010

Long Unseen Events

It has been a long time since I had left my native and ventured into the vast wastelands of Indian Subcontinent. My present location as being confirmed by the stars and a wizard’s crystal (AKA Mobile) shows NCR (Northern Capital Region).

Ma House

I have found myself a nice cozy human shack. Though it cost me a fortune but its big enough to let my imaginations fly. Walls are colored in cream white and the floor is pure white marble. So white that even a twig of hair can be found on the floor. A nice portico with glass windows which brims with morning light as the dawn approaches. The nights can be spent gazing at the clear sky and the bright stars and if one is fortunate enough he can also see the moon in her full glory. The best thing about it is that I am all alone to admire and feel the beauty of nature and that’s one of the prone disadvantages I also face due to the fact that it’s very lonely sometime.

The Task At hand

The task that had been appointed to me is going on fine. Not much of an adventure but yet satisfactory. I am happy here. At least for the time being.

Missing Kolkata

I miss my hometown badly now a days. Often I dream of the roads and lanes near my house. I miss my parents, my other half and my friends. The view of Salt lake Sector V also sometimes comes to me. Ironically after I had left for Bangalore, my closest friends had grouped and even one is getting married (Shiladitya). Oh long had I planned to go to a marriage and specially that of my friend. I will surely going to miss the gathering but hoping to at least enjoy the pictures.

Well finally last but not the least; I am planning my trip to Kolkata in the month of February 2011 for around 15 days. Hoping to see ya all there.

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