Friday, October 29, 2010

New Camp

New Adventure and a New Camp

Well its almost time to pack up my resources and prepare my backpack and move to a new territory. My profession requires the new exploration. My service is needed in another fortress of Keane in a place called Noida. Intelligence Report suggests the extreme weather conditions. Right now it's cold over there. Although not snowing but the bitterness of cold is bound to have a bite on my Battle hardened body and soul. Warm clothes are presently not in my possession partially due to my travelling past and also partially due to the fact that the confirmation for my payment has not reached me via the modern methodology called Salary Credit.

Although I have my backup but it had been stocked for a different mission.I will be starting my journey on 2nd November and will be travelling inside the belly of a mechanical beast that can fly at a very high altitude. That will make my journey shorter. The arrangements have been made by my Employers.


Does the language sounds too ancient or do you think that I have gone crazy? Well the truth is I had been reading the Lord Of the Rings novel by J. R. R. Tolkien. A journey to a Fantasy world and well for LOTR fans like me it's like a Christian reading the original gospels of Jesus Christ. It is so much different from the movie. One who has enjoyed the movie will surely enjoy the novel provided he is having a patience of reading which a very rare skill among mortals is.

Squirrel Rescue

Yesterday I had seen a very painful event. While I went on the rooftops for a smoke, it was raining heavily and I took shelter under the shed that was there. I saw a squirrel.He was just stuck and seemed very sick to me. The poor thing was trying to move away from the rain but somehow couldn’t do so. I decided to help. Althought I was afraid of a squirrel byte but still picked it up from the rain and placed it in a dry place. To my surprise his body was covered in some kind of sticky stuff and that explained why he couldn’t move. Unable to move and heavy glued the squirrel was gasping and was soon coming to an end. I didn’t wanted him to die so I called some of my colleagues to help.

Upon enquiry I found out that the canteen folks had placed a mouse trap hoping to catch a mouse but he was caught in the trap.A doubt came to my mind wether I am saving a big mouse or as squirrel as by that time he was looking very similar to that of a mouse.But no it was a squirrel.
We washed the squirrel and then removed his furry tail which had already transformded into a peculiar weight of hair.We had a short debate wether to put him in a dry place or wet surface as I thought maybe wet surface will hep him loosen the gum.He didn't liked the idea of being in water so we placed him in a dry place.We gave him some rice and a sliced carrot hoping that will help him recover his strength.The last time we left him,he was eating like he had not eaten in days.Today when I go to the office I will check on him.

Medic Team

Hopefully Resting

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