Monday, October 25, 2010

Warrior Poet

Suddenly after a long time I felt like writing a poem about my love. Actually I was watching this movie Sob Choritro Kalponik by Rituparno Ghosh. The film basically dwells about a poet and his wife. The poet is too busy with his world and pays little or no attention towards his wife. The wife acted by Bipasha Basu on the other hand loves his husband but doesn't know about it. She secretly writes poems about the fear of losing him. One day suddenly the poet dies and then his wife starts to realize that although he seemed careless about her but he deeply loved her.
I don't want to spoil the fun of watching this movie but I suddenly realized that slowly I am becoming the poet. Although I don't write but my work and my recreation leaves little time for my love. I keep so busy in myself that sometime I forget that there is someone waiting for my phone call. I become so selfish that if I don't feel like speaking I simply don't call not realizing that she waits for me.

I cant promise that I will change in a day but here is something for a start..a poem. I stopped writing poems for someone but suddenly I felt the urge inside me and started writing.


Chobi tomar ache onek amar kache,
Kichu hasi kichu kanna,kichu baa bar dustu misti
Nei sudhu sei chobi ta jeta amar sobcheye bhalo lage.

Sei chobi te sudhu tomar kalo chokh ar kichu na
Tomar duniar ar kichu chai na
Sudhu tomar kalo chokh

Hothat bhalo lagte suru kore ei betha ta
Tomar theke dure achi,
Ar achi bolei mone hoi tomai koto bhalobasi

Mapte jeo na sei bhalobasa kono scale die
Bhabte jeo na kono example die
Bhedho na amake kono standards die

Sesh patai pouche gie dekhi
Pata sesh hoe gache likhte likhte ,kintu moner kotha roe jai baki
Tai lekha sesh korlam moner bhasa die

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