Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Typical Saturday Morning

Never thought I ll be  writing this but really saturday morning is the best momemt in the entire weekend.Think about it.You have the entire day plus sunday.So no tension of office and a perfect oppurtunity to explore yourself and maybe spending some time with your close ones..Or maybe just drooling.

I woke up today at around 10:30 AM.Lots of time to browse and blog and plus listening to Chandrabindoo selected albums.....

1. Chandra Bindu - Keu Bhalobashe Joy (4:26)
2. Chandra Bindu - Conductor (2:46)
3. Chandra Bindu - GabGubagub (5:03)
4. Chandra Bindu - Bagie Kali (4:08)
5. Chandra Bindu - Geetgobindo (3:32)
6. Chandra Bindu - Ki Aar Korbo (4:04)(My Favourite)
Sipping coffee and admiring the beauty of this Saturday morning.This sweet moment is obviously not going to last long...Noon Time will be another of my favourite past time...Have a good Bengali Lunch and get a sweet nap.Gosh I had been waiting for this day the entire week.
Alongside ofcourse there are few Hazardous Tasks namely,
  • Clean the Room
  • Get the weekly rations of food
  • Wash Clothes
Some time I miss my Family.I have a new Family Member and I havent even seen him.Got some videos of his though.....Panchajanya Ghosal(AKA Richie).......Gosh My Elder Brother is picking up names from Mahabharat.First was Sanshaptak Ghosal(Viv),and now Panchajanya(Richie)...So the trend of male names has migrated from S to P...............

My parents living in Kolkata..I feel its been ages that I havent seen them......Last but not the least my Cousin Brother Sourav who presently located in Sau Paulo(Brazil).

He was supposed to come this Nov 24th but  once again might be dalayed till Jan 2011.Every time i set up my mind that I will be meeting him, it gets prosponed...Thank god I had called him just before I came to bangalore and came to know that he was in mumbai.Actually I was planning to surprise him by giving him  a knock on the door on Sunday Morning.Just imagine if I had not called it would have been a huge surprise for me rather........

And sometime at the very secret corner of my heart I miss her,the love of my life.The lady whom I much perhaps I dont know.....

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