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The Famous Google Search

Searching Names in Google

One of the favourite passtime of many people browsing the Internet is searching for their own names.Seeing ones name in Internet definitely makes the majority happy as very similar to having faces shown in TV.Internet research says a staggering 67% people have searched for themself or some other close friend in google.While the motive is not always good and intentional,but for either way lets take a closer look at the Searching techniques and how they can be used to get the most desired search result.

Searching for Your Name in Google
When we type our names in google search box,the intention could be varied.One it can be just for fun to see how many different people are there by my name and even to an extent when you just want to see if by any chance your name comes in the top of the google search result.This could be termed as an ego-searching.Another reason to search would be to determine how visible is your profile on the internet.Popular search technique is to place the name between quotes which increases the chance of finding the complete name.With the social networks running in most PCs the search engine is likely to display your name on the very first page itself.Alternative ways of searching would be throgh the website website offers certain advantages over traditional google search.They show pictures with the profile info and social site.Search can also be made with username from chats essions and email address..Another one will be the content is neatly organized but its not india centric.A search for one of my friend in US showed a more prominet record including DOB And Address with Phone.I would suggest getting both the google and pipl for a full coverage.

Searching for other Names in Google
Why do we need to search for other's names.Well that my friend definitely doesnt need any explanaiton.So I am going to skip this question and discuss the methods in a more in depth manner.The primary problem in searching for a person on the internet is that their profile might be visible in front of you but it will be very hard to recognize due to the fact that you may not recognize the person by his/her picture.They might have put a different one or even you may not recognize the pic altogether?

So basically searching by name is like finding a needle in haystack.Well perhaps searching the haystack would have been easier but we exactly are not looking for the needle anyway.

The methods exploited will be more or less same.So Google it out or use to get the desired search for ya.Only thing that counts is that how well do you know or knew the person.That my friend is explained in the next section.

Going gets Tough

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going".Going by this famous quotes,lets put forward a test case.You want to search a person whom you have never seen so the posibility of searching that person by picture is very less.Next gather as much information as you can about the person and then literally begins the filtering process through lots of social networking accounts.Any information can be helpful.Employer,School,Education,Interest, get the idea.A word of warning,I didnt found orkut results in the search.

The Question Straight from Hell
The obvious question that might come to your mind is that what if that person is not on facebook or any other so called network.As stated earlier you may want to search orkut once again using orkut's search interface.Orkut being one of the oldest social networking site still might hold some tricks up to its sleeve.So once again we say that the person you are trying to find is not on social network.There is however another traditional way of finding a person though is a little trivial and time consuming task,but the success rate increases with each small knowledge of Father's name,Mother's name,Locality...etc....

Kolkata Centric Solution

Ladies and gentlemen behold the Calcutta Telephone Directory which still kicks a punch.Though there is another slight probability that the person no longer uses a BSNL landline but still is worth a try.The results at are failry hits owing to the fact that you must be knowing some few details as mentioned above.

Last But not the Less

Get a professional detective to do your job or else go for a Feluda style enquiry into the matter.

How to Remove Your Name and Info from Google

With all these research and facts there might remain another fact that you dont want your profile to be visible.Here is what google has to say,

Like all search engines, Google is a reflection of the content and information publicly available on the Internet. Search engines do not have the ability to remove content directly from the Internet, so removing content from Google or another search engine would still leave the original content that exists on the Web. If you want to remove something from the Internet, your best bet is to contact the webmaster of the site and ask him or her to make a change. Once the content has been removed and Google's search engine crawl has visited the page again, the information will no longer appear in Google's search results. If you have an urgent removal request, you can also visit our help page for more information.
                                         Google Privacy Policy

Usually google search gets all the info it can find about you and posts them in chronological order,while it will be difficult to remove oneself entirely from google but it  can be done to a certain degree by making the name appear later in pages.Usually people dont go beyond page 3 in google search unless they are dead crazy about finding somehing real hard.

In case if that's a website or page you want to remove(that you own) check out this link to google webmaster.For other websites(that you dont own) the best option is to request the webmaster to remove it.Drop a mail and see if it helps.

Social Networks

Now as we can see the best way to do it is to go to various social networking sites and deselect/remove the option from settings.It should say something like include me in search or make my public profile visible.Once removed the result will take a few seconds to a few days to update.And voila you are gone from the internet but still present like a shadow of a soul.


Well enough Gyan and Enough Stuffs...the most important thing is to maintain a level of privacy and respect other's privacy over the Internet, though for myself I believe there is nothing called privacy in Internet .Its all a open network where if one knows their way the will even find the Tiger's milk as well.But since everyone has the right to defend their own privacy thus the best path is to follow three basic rules.

  1.  Never try to access information that might harm some one else
  2. Never do it in the unethical way
  3. Keep looking until you find it.
Thats all for now se ya later folks...................

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