Thursday, June 16, 2011

20 Years Ago till Today...a timeline for me.........

On my 27th Birthday I decided to make a timeline for myself.Since its a blog as well you are welcome to read it.....Its not a very romantic or action timeline but its true and my honest line.....

20 years ago I . . .
Can barely remember what exactly I was doing. No date wise memory

(2001)10 years ago I . . .
  1. I had attained my first board exam ICSE and awaiting the results. I was especially scared about the physics and mathematics. I knew I was going to fail in biology. My Physics teacher was more scared than me. 
  2. Finally completed the Unreal Tournament and beaten Xan. Vomited after playing Doom and decided never to play the series in my life. 
  3.  Elder brother got married, and I got the privilege of being the groom’s brother for the first time. Got a very dear Sister In Law(I call her Didi till day)Family Member = 9+1
 (2006)5 years ago I . . .
  1.  Got transferred from Kolkata to Bangalore to study Engineering.(Against my will) 
  2.  Lost both my Grandparents. Dida(2003) Dadu(2006).Family=10-2 
  3.  Sitting back at home with Zero morale and trying to find my way back to the College. 
  4.  Appeared for an interview with Wipro BPO, got rejected due to lack of proper communication skills. 
  5.  Went to Vishnu solutions for an Interview and came to know that being a 2nd Year Pass Engineer, I was overqualified for the job. Though he did agree to get me a job if I would have paid some 10,000 as a security and my certificates as an assurance. 
  6.  Morale boosted up once I had cleared the exams(all except one EC32) 
  7.  Realized that really women can be deceptive and they can lie for their benefits. 
  8.  Gifted with a nephew(Sangsaptak) who became the youngest member in my Family (taking my title...he he).Family=8+1 

 (2008)3 years ago I . . .
  1. Brother visited Bangalore and had a kickass time.Those days were like heaven when your brother is there to take care of your financial needs and to lets you to have...ahem many many good things.He was like a guide,philosopher and friend to me that time...We were the perfect bachelors with some of our fellow bachelors.We sort of had an unofficial bachelor's club with my brother being the unofficial president for the club....we had daily meetings and addas..
  2. Finally passed out of the college, even with a job in Keane India (then known as Caritor).Though the buggers didn’t called me immediately. 
  3.  Joined Wipro BPO (cleared the rounds with highest in comm. Skills and tech knowledge) to earn my pocket money, which was proudly spent on Computers and fruit juice and girlfriend. 
  4. Celebrated my first Love anniversary (November), and realized that when you receive gifts it’s wonderful and when you have to give its costly. 
  5. Realized that once you get into job it’s really the end of personal leizures, took up my first call as FLA(Front Line Agents more like Front Line A** HOLE) on 23:59 PM 31st December 2008.The lady on the other side was very courteous and offered me cookies to compensate the pain of taking her call on this occasion. Mrs. Mary Mathews, from Ohio.
 (2010)1 year ago I . . . 
  1. Have someone in my life to annoy and bother with my actions...
  2.  Proudly was going for a dayshift with Sunday as week off and a promotion. 
  3.  Handling a team of around 10-15 people. I didn’t know I could do it. Planning to quit the job as well.”Frustration…ami hote chai sensation (TM)” was my motto. 
  4.  Weekend Attendance at Ajanta for a couple of Beer(*Contains fruit juice and no added flavour) and Dry Chili Chicken. 
  5.  Luckily had received a call from Keane India and Wipro Technology at the same time 
  6.  Left home in the month of September and settled for Bangalore then Noida. 
  7.  Joined my 2nd Job as a Software Engineer at Keane India (Noida)-Finally got the call. 
  8.  Purchased the Nokia X6 on EMI to enjoy the superior photo quality at 5MP Carl Zeiss Optics. Still paying the EMI. The phone successfully survived one snatching event and multiple drops from hand. 
  9.  Gifted with another nephew (Panchajanya) who once again becomes the youngest member of the family. Family=9+1
(2011)So far this year I . . .
  1.  Been to office and tried to use the office hours for blogging and other social activities. 
  2.  Office blocks facebook, Gmail and blogger. **&&**!@@@*!!. 
  3.  Got a salary hike (don’t know why) and had little more money to spend on Pizza. 
  4.  Missed half of my second brother’s wedding and landed up in Kolkata on 2nd day. Did expected a lot of brother’s Saalis but sadly that’s another story to be narrated later. Got a cute and really nice person as Sister In Law who calls me Bhai. She even reads my blogs dedicatedly(thanks) .Family =10+1 
  5. Quit the habit of drinking in weekends and now can stay without a drink for months 
  6.  Presently planning to quit cigarette(that’s a tough call)
 (15th June 2011)Yesterday I . . .
  1.  Boozed a little to enjoy the night. Managed to drink the entire stuff without spilling even a drop. Record.
  2.  Got wet in the rain to feel the nature. Caught cold and had a little fever. 
  3.  Watched the movie Darjeeling Darjeeling by Anjan Dutta and tried to relate the characters to my own life(Nope I am the only piece in this universe..single piece sample) 
  4.  No cakes were cut and no payesh was made, not even one sweet. Booooo….. 
  5.  Realized that I am 27 now. More Booooooooo…………
 Today I . . . 
  1. 1. Completed 27 years of my. 
  2. 2. Completed the first chapter for SCJP by Kathy Sierra 
  3. 3. Promised to quit smoking 
  4. 4. Promised to be good to the special lady and not to annoy her(*Conditions apply)
Tomorrow I will . . . 
  1.  Again annoy that woman 
  2.  Be back at work (full-day) 
  3. Smoke 10-12 cigarettes in office.
  4. Cook some good food with the newly learned recepie and post the pics on facebook.
 In the next year I will . . .  
  1.  Open a new blog about my personal journey to the wastelands 
  2.  Start the Optimized Savings plan (Self Designed) 
  3.  Try to change the job by the end of the Year.
  4. One of my best friend is going to enter the family phase of life.Planning to be there for the fun...

Thats all for today...signing off..

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  1. Fantastic dada! Fantastic! :) My Saturday morning, I just completed reading this. I myself got flashbacks and reminisced on how my ventures were through Cosmos. Maybe someday, I will sit down myself and recollect the good old days. Maybe when I am 30 (5 years from now! Hee hee!).

    Keep blogging! Cheers!


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