Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Troubles are over for the time being...A Hectic Week

Thank God finally my project is over.I scored around 75% and well the examiner has also shared some ideas about enhancing the project.I will be implementing those once i get my weekends.Due to the busy schedule I couldnt check on the website at netfirms which i am planning to redeorate.Hopefully i will catch up on the weekends...........

Yesterday my love was crying...Why ? Coz she was missing me.We used to spends weekends together and at some point I became too tierd of  the 5 days office schedule and some time used to make excuses for not going out..We had lot of quarrels and some big ones too...but now i realize her importance in my life when she is 3000+ Km away....

Technically its 2176KM as per google(From Dum Dum, Kolkata to K R Puram, Bangalore )

Last sunday there was a party at Amit Da's Place.Smooth Signature with chicken Kebabs..I also had a few byte of Coconut Chips direct from Kerala.Well the aftermath was not very happy one.The next day was followed by acute hangover..acidity and finally vomiting at the rooftops of Keane India.But it was a great party.....

Well dats all for now.......see ya later

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