Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Average Day

My average day starts with going to office at 9:45AM and coming back home at around 9:30 PM.

Wait doesnt that sounds too booring...YEAH...but wait there is more...there is a story..

The story of a love that is fading away in time..the story of a dream that is all about peace and isolation..a place of meditation.The story of struggle and bits of fun thrown in...are u thinking that i am trying to plot hindi movie theme....NAAH..........

In my work place there is a person say Mr S(Not me) who is deeply in love with Ms. N but Ms N loves Mr D and Mr D doesnt love anyone..sounds confusing...I have seen the future of this has already happened with me.........

I also dream of going to the mountains..see the Himalayas bow my head in respect and meditate in peace...a dream perhaps which will never be be alone..completely void of all the social thoughts and worries..just once..i would give up my most prized possession for that moment.........Me and my tanhai...with a cigrette..just the time till it burns up....I am still waiting for my dream to be be whole again.

Today I had a talk with my GF..she and her family thinks that I am casual and not serious about my work and my carrer and my self..the list goes on.Truelly there are very few people left in this universe who still trusts in me............

I am reeally confused...I cant stop thinking and i cant stop smoking..i smoke because i think i smoke..........blah.........

Well about me..........This is my first blog I need to introduce myself.......

I am a warrior and a poet...the warrior poet...atleast thats what i used to just a shadow of my former self....and a weak attempt to rekindle myself and find the sangreal inside me lost long ago........

I dedicate a very old poem to this blog...........

The Time


I am a warrior ,Mongol is my kind

I fought , slayed numerous mortals

But could not win the Immortal time .

It slowed me down , cooled my veins

And weakened my muscles ,I lost my sight

My weak Muscles could not face the guilt

The murders ,indiscriminate death caused

by me now haunt my soul to infinity

My beloved one s seem to desert me

I am now a lonely warrior thirsty for love

I murdered my dreams ,Plundered my hopes

They only fear me for my vengeance

And respect my anger but alas they do not see

My mind ,the finite mortal system

I am now dying and there is no one left to cry

Signing Off

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