Sunday, March 20, 2011

MoonStruck II

Today is 18th March 2011.Tonight the moon will appear the largest in the next 18 years.Well the most interesting fact is that tonight the tides will be higher.Scientists say that  the supermoon will be just 221,556 miles away from us.But these are really boring stuff.

This particular post contains a mix of reality and imagination.Readers are advised to make the judgement.But does it really matter?

When I see the moon tonight the only question coming in my mind is "What is it and What it means to us?"


Long time ago when we were barely 5 to 6 years of age and just have started to understand the reality little by little with our own small brain box,since then the moon was a mystical and heavenly entity to us.I was brought up by my Grandmother and naturally I was more demanding towards her.I remember the only way she could feed me was by telling a story.The stories where Prince rescues the princess and somehow the moon always had a significant role to play in that.I was told that the moon is a maternal uncle to us all.Commonly known as "Chand Mama",he always used to help the prince in some way or the other.

As I grew up and began to gain interest in Indian Mythology(credit goes to my Grandma),I learnt that actually the moon is a God among the 33 crore god and godesses we have and he himself is haunted by a demon called Rahu who manages to eat him up slowly and finally completely devours him resulting in an full dark night commonly known as "Amawasya".Tales of war and victory over evil used to be my daily dose of dreams.

The shocking news came to me when I was 12.I was reading an old book where they had described the journey of mankind to the moon and along with it was a vivid description about the moon and solar system.They said that life can be found in moon.I thought "Wow there is my chance to meet someone special from outer world".Thats when I felt that my world as I know is slowly expanding.Those were the days of Science Fiction.The slow transformation happened very silently.So silently that now I wonder where did the moon god go?Huge spaceships were there travelling across the galaxy.Me and my friendly mama..he was the master and I was the apprentice.He told me all the facts and fiction and I used to listen to them and go to sleep dreaming about them.

The Transformation was very interesting.First I thought he is my uncle.Then he was a god and finally he became just a satellite.A celestial lump of rock incapable of sustaining life.Devoid of life and air.This notion had changed few years after.

Love and Adolescence.

I don't remember who she really was.Maybe just a imagination whose image I was desperate to find in this world.The meaning of love could not be very clear to a teenager but surely the feeling was.Many of you will say it was just an Infatuation.Perhaps true,but for me that very instant was very real.And guess what..I found just the guy to share my feelings..Yup the good old mama.Chand mama became my only best friend.Adolescence is the the hardest period of  teenager.No body understands your feelings and even the sweet voice begins to break.You feel as if something is happening to you and you are changing.The mama became my true partner of secrets and only person I could talk to freely.

The Bitter Taste of Adulthood
Slowly the change takes over and you become an adult.You start to think about serious things like job and career.The best friend who had been with me slowly faded into the sky.I began a race which can be best described in the song "Sunshine" in 3 Idiots."

Saari umar hum
 Mar mar ke jee liye
Ek pal to ab humein jeene do
Jeene do

Give me some sunshine 
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again.

I Fell In Love With Her

Then suddenly one day I stumbled upon a very old song from Paroshpathor..Megher Bou Chand...It was during my college days..First year as I remember.One night I saw the moon and literally felt in love with her(Please don't start with the gender).A love story that was.I used to write poems and shared my thoughts with her and every night I couldn't sleep without looking at her..Remember my famous black rose.As if she had just came up from the pages of my poem.It was like a perfect dream from which you don't want to wake up.

Black Rose

I met a girl in Venice ignorant of her beauty
                             Which blinds a person in her love 
The love which sparks in the eye and make the heart beat fast
                           The love which gives a feeling of being  in heaven with her
With unlimited happiness surrounding them
                      She is a beauty in her self a beauty which blinds a person
with her  eyes which seems to reflect the sky
                       Her Black hair shows as if the glittering of gold
Her mind is pure as pure as it is to a mortal is water but poisons the mind

Back to the Real World

Today after finishing my dinner when I went back to the open air.I saw my old friend asking me "Hey friend how are you".Like a flashback every event stats to flow in my mind.I feel the strong urge to ask myself,"what does the moon means to me?".Perhaps when you ask the same question to yourself you will get a different answer,but the most important thing to remember is to remember that old friend.Today is 18th March 2011.Tonight the moon will appear the largest in the next 18 years.


  1. Chander tolay chobi tulechis khub bhalo kotha kintu laptop okhane na niyei bosle cholchil na??

    Jai hok ami Supermoon suuuuuppeeerr upobhog korechi. Karon Bou Friday theke amar baritei ache ar kal raate onek ta somoy chadei katiyechi.. Sotti duto chand kei darun lagchilo....:)

  2. The open moon outside was the perfect environment to write.In fact it was the moon itself that had inspired me to start this post and if you look at the time it was around 2:30AM,I was sitting on the terrace along with a family of mosquitoes(AKA Mosa)and a allout coil


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