Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Childhood and the Memories

Today while having a long discussion with my office colleague Ruma Di..a very interesting black and white idea came to my mind(.Now in this case black and white doesnt suggest that the idea is lacking color but instead is very old.)Me and Ruma di were discusing about her younger son and my nephew.As like all bengali addas..the Hankerchief suddenly chaned to a Cat.Our childhood.While discussing our memories about our childhood i felt a very special joy in the way she spoke and a very similar wave of positive energy in my mind too.....

So what is a childhood like to a man/woman.

Its like those black and white photos you have back at your home which are almost inside dirty photo frames covered with dust and spider web.The picture itself has faded at some places.Yet when you look back at them you are transported instantly back into time and relive those days.The effect stretches for a few secods to may be a long lasting hour but not more.......Once again you are drawn back to reality by some mystcial force.

My Childhood:Frames in my mind that will never fade away

Dadu and Dida

Today it was different.It lasted for a long enough time to spend time on this blog.Though I really cant remember which is the oldest memory I have but I sure do recall some of the best times in my life.A lot of people who knew me from my childhood says that I was very "Duronto".I was exacly opposite to my name.In Bengali Language "Santanu" means a person whose mind and body is calm.Well i was exacly opposite to that.Now a days also my old stories arrives at a place before me.Somwhat like my reputation preceeds me..I remember I used to climb tall trees and sit there for a long time.The only thing that could persuade me to come down was my Grandmother(Dida) telling me that "If you dont come down immedieately I wont feed you with my hands and you have to sleep with your grand pa".Yup I was really scared of my Grandpa(Dadu).He was always so calm and used to talk less.Rarely I had seen him loose his temper and best of all,till the very last days he tried his level best to be independent.They always wanted to see me happy and successful and yet the sadest part is that when I have every possible happyness that a man can have...they are not there.I lost my Grandmother during the schooling days and my Grandfather passed away when I was in Bangalore.

Color TV

Coming back to the happier shades of memory..I remember when one day my dad brought home one color tv thus marking the entry into the world of true color.Watching my favourie "JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT" was truelly a trill on DD1.


One of the best moments I enjoyed was when my cousin brother used to visit kolkata from asansol during his summer holidays.Those days were absolutely faboulus.Starting from playing demo Mahabharat wars to even fights..he was my only companion those days.If I have to describe him..he is more like one of my few best friend with a blood relation.The word cousin just dont fit in.Some person,the name I dont remember gave us the name "Lav and Kush".The best part is that the time we are at the same place we are hardly seen apart.Only thing is that I got so little time to spend with him.Even when he finally setteled in bangalore,I was on the verge of leaving Bangalore.

My Maternal Uncle's Place

My maternal uncle used to live in Kalikapur near Champahati(The famous fireworkd market).My memories of the place is only during the Summer vacations.The taste of famous Hatu Parata and hot jalebis.My Grandfather had a very big stationery shop over the place.One of the biggest sort of like mini big bazar in those days..And i remember stealing hajmola and chocklates from there.A fellow named Bappa was my companion there.My uncles used to have big Gardens full of all sort of trees and a big pond in the middle.All the day it was just roaming around.Specially for a child who is brought up in cities the sight of a huge Garden and big ponds and vast rice fields were like water to a desert beduin..I used to loose myself..

The Famous Trio

I remember my faithful companion the Hercules Cycle.It was bought when my elder brother used to go to school.Later it was refitted for my schooling completed with new tyres and a fresh paint.Me and my friend Sumon and Rajat each having their own cycle used to spend hours and hours cycling over to unknown destinations.Heck even before ICSE physics board exam we were out cycling.Those days were without any fear or remorse.Perhaps a very golden age.Sadly enough all our cycles were stolen under mysterious circumstances during a very particular time frame marking an end to the cycle era.Now both of them have purchased byke.Perhaps I am the one who is left to buy one and join them.Even after so long time our friendship has passed the tirals of time and memory and still stands true.If you ask me the formula perhaps I dont know but one thing is for surely worked out truelly.
Well that pretty much summarizes almost everything.Though there are something I choose not to share on this blog either because they are too sensetive or perhaps because I didnt find any words to describe it.
So Whats so special about this post
Well to begin with,this blog deosnt contains pictures.Why?Because naturally there is no way to replicate my memory or imprint that on digital media.Second,this blog post will mark the ending of personal blogs which otherwise I have planned to host on another site.I will post the link soon once the blog is up and running.From now on this particular blog will focus more on anything else that me & myslef.

Why such a sudden change?

I felt that my blog readers must have something better to do than reading my updates..or like updates about my daily life..This overall was reducing the blogger

Signing Off
Santanu Ghosal

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