Thursday, October 21, 2010

End Of Busy Days

Well finally an end to the project.When it has ended i must say it was an adventureous journey.The fun of creation had got into me.I went on adding lots and lots of features and finally when they all ended i figured out that the purpose of my work had ended and it was time for my reward.The evaluation ended with only 1 error.

I rewarded my self with a couple of Perk Glucose.

A Few things i learned during these phase.

  • Sometimes it is better to think and act specially when our actions and results are direcly chained(sort of direcly related)
  • When it seems that ideas are no longer flowing or the brain box is jammed,instead of puffing cigrettes or other relaxations,the  best things to do is
      1. Wash Face specially around the neck
      2. Drink Water
      3. Listen to soothing music

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